Is Your Hospital in Need of a Robust
TCP/IP Link for Your HL7 Environment?

Micro Master Corporation can provide the following:

- TCP/IP links using Window Sockets protocol (Winsock 1.1 Compliant).
- HL7 Applications that transfer data from mainframe to PC networks and from PC networks to mainframes.
- Custom applications to suit your specific data requirements.
- Applications include: hospital admission systems, laboratory systems, and clinical repositories.
- Micro Master Corp. has interfaced Datagate, CAI, Cloverleaf, and other engines to the following systems:
  • SMS - Allegra, Envision, Unity
  • First Data Corp
  • HBOC
  • Meditech and others.

  • Micro Master Corp. has applications installed in over 250 hospital facilities in the United States. On-time delivery, reliable operation, low cost, and user-friendly software have been the keys to our success!